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They say, "Good help is hard to find."

Maybe, maybe not.  

Hiring at the executive level means increased risk & concerns about the strain a key employee’s compensation package brings to the bottom line. 

Your executive team is set - sorta.

You just need a little bit of help tightening up your communications.

There’s also the project management piece that is weighing everyone down.

If the marketing messages were juuust a bit more on-key…

But, man — hiring someone to add to the team is both expensive and nerve-wracking.

Getting it wrong means suffering public humiliation.  Waiting to fill the gaps until another day means your business is exposed and vulnerable to more nimble & savvy competitors.

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Hiring is stressful.

As a hiring manager, I know how taxing it is to search for, hire, onboard and retain a key employee.  It can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

I have been entrusted with the operations of the largest trade association in NC.  I have been hired to incubate and launch a vertically integrated business, including hiring and managing all levels of staff.

The impact that good (and bad) hires can have on a business is something I have experienced firsthand.

I want to help alleviate your stress by being the dependable, executive-level help you need on a short-term basis.

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Help is on the way.

You can run a nimble, organized, efficient organization with the help of a competent, versatile, and short-term executive-level contractor.

Your business will achieve peak performance while you have the flexibility associated with deploying a contract-based resource to Get.Stuff.Done.

Let go of concerns about inflated overhead and weighty benefits packages so you can get back to running the business.

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The Process- Step-by-Step

1. Contact me via the button below to set up a time to talk.

2. On this call, we will discuss a mutually agreeable consulting arrangement that will enable your project to be executed on time and on budget.

3. After the call, I will send you a project scope, timeline, and contract to prevent any confusion down the line.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our work together, simply let me know within seven days of the completion of our contract.  I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so I may learn and improve, then I will issue you a full refund.

After learning about Anne’s consulting services from a friend, I was very excited about the prospect of working with her to assist our small business. Her experience and intellect for small businesses and entrepreneurs is impressive and inspiring. She listened to the bottlenecks I was facing in my role and together we developed a planned solution. She worked around my schedule and was very flexible when my time table shifted. The end products created by Anne saved time and removed the bottlenecks I was facing weekly and monthly. It was a great investment for me as a working mom and business owner. Anne is an approachable professional who was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her consulting services.

Lyndsy Gallins

Owner, Gallins Family Farm

As a Consultant...

I help decision-makers solve executive-level challenges through contract-based consulting services so they can run a sustainable, profitable business.

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Project management guidance and accountability (click to read more)

Anne makes sense of scattered information, creates simple, easy-to-use tools to guide a team’s progress, and communicates next steps clearly so there is no confusion as to who is responsible for what & by when.

Strategies for growth & development (click to read more)

Anne translates high-level discussions about goals into decision trees, timelines, and action plans.

Market research that informs and substantiates decision-making (click to read more)

Anne takes a global view of subject matter, collects and fact-checks data, then condenses her findings into a brief that includes key concepts and recommendations.

Communications that provide clarity (click to read more)

Anne communicates effectively in written and oral correspondence, conveying both informational and persuasive messages.

Anne Shoemaker was an incredible support for me and my nonprofit during our recent hire. She provided gentle direction for each stage of the process, was readily available to me during our time of need, and went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information I needed to make the best decision. Not only did Anne guide me through the logistics of hiring, but she also helped me tap into my intuition to make the best decision possible for myself and my team. She has a great understanding of the need to create inclusive and equitable workplaces and built those ideals into each stage of the process. Plus, speaking with her is a joy! I’m grateful for her wisdom, humor, and guidance. Anne is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her for employers embarking on new projects or revamping old.
Sunny Baker

Co-Director, Mississippi Farm to Schools Network

Overheard from Anne's office doorway...

“I’ve got a ‘special project’ that I think you’d be great for…” (click to read more)

Anne has a broad skill set that makes her a trusted resource for unique, cross-functional projects.  

“Hey, I’d like to get your advice/pick your brain/hear what you think about…” (click to read more)

People seek Anne out for advice on how to advance in their careers and for feedback about sticky professional situations.

“Can you read over this (report/contract/email/proposal) and give me your feedback on the (content/tone/flow/effectiveness)?” (click to read more)

Anne steps into the audience’s shoes and makes suggestions to enhance correspondence.

“I’m struggling with XYZ… Know of any resources that can help?” (click to read more)

Anne is a dedicated learner and avid reader.  She is quick to recommend books, podcasts, and other resources that inform and teach.

Anne is an absolute gem with the invaluable skill of listening to scattered thoughts and putting them into a professional, well-worded, well-thought-out document. She gave voice to my thoughts in a way that could be heard and understood by those in a position of authority. Anne is quick in her response time, organized, clear, and concise. I can not say enough wonderful things about working with Anne!

Dr. Whitney Gansman, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Download Anne's Resume

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Anne is undoubtedly one of the most organized and motivated people I’ve worked with. She has a keen sense of maintaining the ‘big picture’ while doing an incredible job keeping up the details. She is extremely professional!

Elizabeth Bostian, JD

General Counsel, First Bank

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