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Level Up Your LinkedIn Game!

When people Google your name (and trust me, they do), your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top 3 search engine results, guaranteed. If your LinkedIn profile is non-existent or neglected, you are inviting people to create a false narrative about you and your career!

Your LinkedIn profile is available 24-7, and you don’t know when it is being searched, downloaded, or shared amongst colleagues.

I created a free, 5-day LinkedIn Challenge to help you!

In this FREE email course, I will teach you 1) How to update your privacy settings, customize your URL, and create a compelling headline, 2) How to write an “About” section that is true to who you are, 3) Do’s and don’ts for your professional headshot, background image, and experience & skills, 4) How to expand your network without being skeevy, and 5) How to build your authority and create new career opportunities. 



What's Your Career Fulfillment Score?

“I’m working too hard to be miserable.” “I never intended for this to be my career.” “I’m ready to try something new.” “Sometimes, I daydream about going out on my own…”

I hear these comments every day in my conversations with career women. There is a longing for more – more fulfillment, more flexibility, more creativity – as well as less – less mindless work and less stress.

So, what is your Career Fulfillment Score? In this 5-question quiz, you can learn a lot about where your career is filling you up – and where it is lacking.

Take the first step towards a career that lights you up.

Take the quiz today!

So, Your LinkedIn Profile Is a Little Dusty…

… but is it doing you any harm?

Take this quick, 60-second quiz to find out if your profile is on safe ground or if there are some shortcomings you can clean up lickety-split.

Are You Making These LinkedIn Profile Mistakes? (Quiz)