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How to Navigate a Career Plateau

Navigating a career plateau can be tricky. You may want to maintain your employment but feel hopeless due to the lack of opportunities at your place of business. Or, you may feel that your skills have been inaccurately assessed and that you have more to give. You may...

Self-Promoting Without Feeling Tacky

Self-promoting without feeling tacky can feel like walking a tightrope. You want to get your message out, but there’s a voice inside your head that keeps telling you to pull the reins in before you annoy your audience.    This post will show you how to...

Characteristics of a Courageous Woman

The characteristics of a courageous woman are easy to spot when they’re in use but are difficult to characterize in words. Nevertheless, this post breaks down the behaviors that courageous women possess which give them an aura of confidence and invincibility. ....

Asking For Help At Work Without Feeling Incompetent

Asking for help at work can engender a lot of self-judgment. We feel incompetent when we are unable to accomplish everything on our plate, but the truth is, asking for help can actually pay dividends for us down the line. Why is asking for help at work hard?   We...
Enneagram Six At Work

Enneagram Six At Work

Who is the Enneagram Six at Work? The Loyalist, The Trouble Shooter The Enneagram Six is known for being loyal to the...

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Enneagram Nine At Work

Enneagram Nine At Work

Who is the Enneagram Nine at Work? The Peacemaker, The Mediator Nines have remarkable inner tranquility and a need to...

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