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Anne in a small group at a retreat
Anne on a laptop at a virtual workshop or retreat

Inspirational. Energizing. Effective!

In-person workshops and retreats offer women connection and camaraderie. Individually and as a group, workshop participants learn, grow, and take risks in a safe space, leaving the gathering with new understandings about themselves, their circumstances, and their capacity. 

Accessible. Interactive. Impactful!

Virtual workshops and retreats offer personal and professional development benefits without draining the travel budget. What’s more, they offer a family-friendly way for working parents to access professional development while also providing an opportunity to be in community with like-minded professionals.

I am on a mission to support and elevate women in their careers through the provision of coaching, workshops, retreats, and digital resources.

I was very pleased with you and the workshop! I have spread the word on your biz already. I have told friends that it has encouraged me to think about things I never would have considered about myself. It was a very warm and welcoming environment and I appreciated it being small and all women! I felt so energized after our 30 minute consultation that I couldn’t wait to learn more from you. You are great at what you do and your content is well received.

Jessica Nash

Designer, Organizational Behaviorist

To people who are thinking this retreat over, I would say, “Do it! Register!” This workshop helped awaken and empower me to drive changes in my emotional stance. I walked away with a willingness (and eagerness) to not only confront my fears but to break through them.


Health Coach and Independent Consultant, Optavia

Attending this retreat was a great experience – something I really needed. Being with other women at various stages in life and career was such a great learning opportunity. We were given the tools to dig into what was inside of us and share our insights. I’ve already told four friends and my sister that they HAVE to come to the next one!


Power Up Your Career retreat attendee

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