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Career Coach for Women Anne Shoemaker

Do You Love To Develop Messaging?

I do!

If you’ve ever wondered if your clients really “get” you… Or, if you suspect your message is getting lost in esoteric language… I can help.

Supporting brands as they develop their content strategy and communicate with their audience is one of my favorite things to do. We will establish your brand script and strategy, then I will get to work on copywriting.

From communications meant to inform to content created to persuade, I love helping clients develop effective messaging.


How do you communicate with your customers?

Is your primary means of communication via your website or 1:1 interactions via phone or email? What tone do you use, and is it consistent throughout the entire customer experience?

Do your communications bring clarity or confusion?

Some organizations use language so obscure or industry-specific that only a fraction of their intended audience can understand what they are saying, undermining their entire communications effort.

Are you communicating to inform? Persuade? Advocate? Entertain?

The first step towards communicating with clarity is seeking clarity in one’s objective. Whether you aim to inform, persuade, advocate, or entertain the audience has everything to do with how the message is constructed.

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Brand Building

Building a storybrand brandscript, communicating vision, mission, and strategy

Digital Content Strategy

Developing a multi-channel digital content strategy in support of effective messaging and SEO

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Analog Communications

Developing and copywriting slide decks, talking points, annual reports, & executive briefs

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Informative or persuasive, long-form or short, highlighting key concepts and recommendations

Anne is an absolute gem with the invaluable skill of listening to scattered thoughts and putting them into a professional, well-worded, well-thought-out document. She gave voice to my thoughts in a way that could be heard and understood by those in a position of authority. Anne is quick in her response time, organized, clear, and concise. I can not say enough wonderful things about working with Anne!

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