Can I Trust Anne With My Audience?

Anne’s professional yet personal, logical yet humorous style is magnetic for audiences.

Always prepared, Anne comes ready to meet people where they are, alternating between companion and guide on the audience’s real-time journey towards growth.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Presentations

Anne Shoemaker


Anne’s signature talk, “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome”, includes actionable steps and relatable stories. Audiences have also given high marks for, “Leading with Authenticity”, “Post-COVID, What Does Support for Working Parents Look Like?”, and “New Year, Fresh Start: Optimizing Your Career”.


Anne spent her early years as a speaker in front of audiences of professionals, typically offering the keynote address at a luncheon or dinner. More recently, Anne has focused her content on messages that speak to audiences of women. Your guests will be intrigued, inspired, and entertained by her content delivery.


Anne has given over 60 keynote addresses to audiences of 10 – 300 people.  She is an engaging and witty speaker who brings both fact-based insights and levity to the audience. As a panelist, presentation, and workshop leader, Anne blends examples and stories with content and small group exercise.

Past Clients

Logoes of organizations where Anne has been a speaker

Your presentation was awesome! It is my favorite from the 4-part series. We would love to bring you back again in 2021!

Anonymous, MBA, CPC

Senior Manager Global Media, Marketing & Sales Procurement, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Anne was amazing! She delivered her content in an engaging and simple manner, making it actionable. Great job!

Anne Ainslie

Vice President, Field Relations, BeautyCounter

Thank you so much for your presentation today! Your content was fantastic and delivered flawlessly. I could have listened to you all morning. You have a wonderful cadence to your delivery – if you haven’t started a podcast yet, you should!


Executive Vice President, The Partners Group

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Anne was engaging, knowledgeable, and relatable. I immediately found her on LinkedIn and downloaded one of her free resources from her website. I also recommended her to a few friends as well as my daughters. Excellent choice for this seminar!

Anonymous, CPA

North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA)

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There has to be synergy between what you are looking for in a speaker’s presentation style and the content the speaker will deliver. Gauge your organization’s compatibility with Anne – schedule a free consultation to learn more.