Strategy & Operations

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Strategic, cross-functional support

Businesses require both vision AND action -one is not enough.

I have been responsible for translating high-level discussions about strategic business objectives into decision trees, timelines, and action plans for staff to implement. 

Making sense of scattered information is also a strength. I create simple, easy-to-use tools to guide a team’s progress, then communicate next steps to all stakeholders clearly so there is no confusion as to who is responsible for what by when.

If you need help clarifying or operationalizing your strategy, we definitely need to talk. 


Is your business positioned to manage future growth?

Plenty of business owners dream about doubling sales or expanding into new markets, but fewer make plans for it so that they’re ready to handle new opportunities when they arise.

Are your operations optimized, or haphazard?

A business goes through all-hands-on-deck seasons, sure, but if your business is operating from a position of “we’ve always done it this way”, it’s time to examine your workflows and realize efficiencies.

Do you have someone on staff ready to handle those pesky "special projects"?

If everyone on your team is operating at full capacity and/or is a specialist in a certain area, where do you turn when it’s time to innovate? Where do you go when you want to research something new?


Anne was the “spark” that helped us think through various aspects of this new endeavor that we never would have known or been able to anticipate and think through. She has a relatable way of being able to share her expertise with tangible, actionable steps that enabled us to get up and running in a fraction of the time that it would have taken if we tried to figure this all out on our own. She is a worthwhile “investment” and partner for any start-up!

Mary Katherine Bell and Jill White

Founders, The Spark Greensboro


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Business Development

Generating new leads, strategizing on new markets or products, or developing incentive plans for staff

Strategy Development

Together, we will strategize on your business, the marketplace, and identify growth opportunities and obstacles.
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Organizational Development

Development of policies and procedures manuals and building a network of trusted contractors.

Action Planning

I will devise an actionable plan to implement your business’s strategic objectives.

Let's Talk About Your Project

I’d love to hear more about what’s stressing you out. I might be able to help!