Salary Negotiation Coaching Sessions

Hey ladies!

Are you itching for more? More courage to advocate for yourself, more respect at work, more money for the value you bring to the table? 

I hear ya!

While I’d like to think that we live in a world free from exploitation, we both know the truth: it happens, and it may even be happening to you. 


You bring commitment, a collaborative spirit, and a drive for excellence to work every single day. You’re reliably hard-working and team-oriented.

And yet, when it comes time to advocate for yourself in your performance review and/or salary negotiation, you:

  • Get queasy 80% 80%
  • Anticipate an uncomfortable, displeasing confrontation 80% 80%
  • Are certain you’ll come across as pushy, aggressive, & unlike-able 80% 80%
  • Allow your limiting beliefs to talk yourself out of it 80% 80%

When the opportunity passes and you have not spoken up for yourself, well, here come the feelings of shame and frustration. 

Worse, you read reports about it being expected to take 208 years to close the wage gap and (*gulp*), your self-judgment starts all over again.

Sisters: it does not have to be this way!

I managed to push past the uncomfortable and negotiate my way to earning six-figures at a non-profit association while still in my 20’s.

Had I listened to the limiting voices in my head, there is NO WAY I would have been able to more than 3x my salary in 5 years.

I’ve spent time on BOTH sides of the table: I’ve been both an employee and an officer of an organization.

As an owner’s representative in hiring, firing, and promoting employees, I have behind-the-scenes insight into how businesses view their investment in human capital.

I want to put my insight and experience to work for YOU.

Here’s where I get out the bullhorn:

You can do this, too! 

→ You CAN speak up for yourself in a factual, objective, and effective way. 

→ You CAN make your case AND maintain a collegial relationship with your boss. 

→ You CAN have a courageous conversation about your self-worth without sacrificing your dignity.

Here’s how:


Click “Let’s Get Going” 

You will receive an email with a link to a Google Form titled “Getting To Know You”. This lays the groundwork for our call.


Confidentiality & Payment

Click the link in the email that takes you to a Confidentiality Agreement and payment directions. 


Live, 1-on-1 Consultation 

We will set up a time for a 1-hr. FaceTime or phone call prior to 12/31/19.  Your responses on the form (Step 1)  will inform our call.

I had my annual review coming up and knew I wanted/needed to ask for a raise. I also knew I needed an extra push and a large dose of encouragement. The first person I reached out to for guidance (and that needed push) was Anne. Anne coached me on how to frame the conversation, suggested different talking points, and even helped me to develop a Plan A, B, and C depending on how the conversation went. Anne and I also discussed a specific percentage increase as my goal.

Thanks in large part to Anne, I received the percentage increase I requested. What’s more, I had a productive conversation with my supervisor and gained quite a bit of confidence from the experience. Anne was front and center cheering me on the entire time.

As a business executive, Anne knows the intricacies of “how it all works.”  When you work with her, you gain that edge that makes all the difference. Not to mention, she’s just an outstanding human being and a joy to work with! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Anne!

BW, Mid-Career Professional



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Cost: $89 (Eighty-nine dollars) 

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But what if:

We cannot cover everything in one hour? 

I have created the form to allow for plenty of discussion points to arise. Acceptable supplements to completing the form include resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  Role-playing is an acceptable exercise for the call as well. 

If you feel you need additional support after the call, I will send you my July-December rate sheet so we can customize a package for your needs.  (Rates will go up on Jan. 1st!)

I don’t want to share my compensation information with you? 

You don’t have to share anything with me that you are not comfortable sharing!  This is your call. The only guidelines are that the call stick to one or both topics: performance evaluation preparation and/or compensation review discussion.

If you would like the conversation to focus on a salary negotiation, the call will be most impactful if you share this information so we can talk in hard and fast numbers. 

Any information you share with me is held in the strictest confidence. These terms are outlined in the contract. 

I’m afraid I’m going to get to the day of my performance review/salary negotiation and balk.  What then?  

 If you’d like an accountability coach for the day before your review, the morning before your review, and the afternoon following your review, I can fill that need for you at a cost of $39. 

I’m not satisfied with our conversation? 

I stand by my counsel and will offer you a 100% refund within seven days of our call if you are not satisfied with the quality or content of our conversation.

And while we’re on the topic of $$, this offer will not last forever. I will build a course that covers these topics, and I will offer it up to you and others … & it will cost more than $89 (eighty-nine dollars).

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You will walk taller and experience personal and professional fulfillment after you have summoned the courage to advocate for yourself. When you are paid fairly, your work becomes enjoyable again and your motivation to excel will soar. 

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what actions will bring us results, then knowing that we didn’t take those actions. 

I do not know whether I will offer this service again.

I will gauge future offerings based on demand and my calendar. 

Clicking “Let’s Get Going” will take you 


being unsure of yourself, unaware of your upper limit, and frustrated with the status quo


being an informed, self-confident woman who believes in her abilities to make a compelling case for the value she brings to an employer.

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